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We are one of Tripura's oldest Pest and Fumigation Organization. We are feeling extremely happy to introduce about our Pest Control as the leading Organization in Agartala. We provide Pest Control Service entire Tripura Region. We do our utmost to ensure that nothing stands in our way of completing a job. In many a case, our flexibility enables us to succeed where others have failed.

SRFA is a comfort, reliable and low cost pest control organization for residential and commercial. SRFA is provide all time the herbal, non toxic chemicals it is 90 % odorless service no side effects for asma, alargetic people, child and pets.

The SRFA, Pest Control, is a low-profit trade of professional pest management companies from Agartala. It is the premier organization of the pest management industry in Agartala, with more then 1000+ satisfaction customers throughout this state today.

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Our Activities

We have been in the business of controlling pests from a long time. We have controlled termites in about 35,00 buildings in Tripura besides doing pest control treatment for all types of pests in all kinds of premises such as hotels, restaurants, factories, households, offices and hospitals.

About Us

SRFA is an approach to pest control. It coheres to regular monitoring services in order to determine if and when the pest treatments are needed. SRFA ensures the implementation of physical, mechanical, cultural, biological and educational tactics to keep the pest number low enough to avert excruciating damage or annoyance. At SRFA we deter the practice of using highly toxic chemical pest controls. Least toxic chemicals come as last resort. In a nutshell we are into various kinds of pest management services such as General pest control, Insect control, Termite control, Cockroach control, Bedbugs control, Rodent control services, etc.